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This is life, your life, it’s not always easy and asking for help is often the most challenging first step to creating the life you want and deserve. Kathleen can help you. Kathleen has the maturity and life skills to understand your issues. She conducts professional, empathetic counselling to assist you living your best life possible whatever your presentation initially may be. Kathleen is prepared to help you move your life forward.

Helping others was a deliberate choice Kathleen made in adulthood. Her own life experience gives great insight into truly understanding that life can be tough at times. Entering the field of psychology as a mature aged person stemming from a business and financial background has advantages for Kathleen’s many clients. A wife, a mother, a daughter, a stepmother, a family member, a friend, an employee, a business operator, a volunteer, an individual; Kathleen understands how difficult juggling the multiple roles in life can sometimes be.

After achieving contemporary qualifications in undergraduate psychology through a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from Newcastle University and then a master’s degree in Social Health and Counselling (Child and Family strand) from Macquarie University, Kathleen sought to gain experience in working with children, adolescents and families in a variety of workplace setting before entering private practice. Passionate about assisting victims of crime, Kathleen completed her Internships with Victims of Crime Assistance League (VOCAL) and in 2007 received a Newcastle Volunteers Award for her efforts. Concurrently she worked with troubled youth as a Youth Support worker, gaining experience with adolescence. Employed in organisations as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider in organisational and industrial settings, and as an on-site Psychologist. Kathleen gained experience working with males and diverse families.

Kathleen is passionate about helping Victims of Crime and is a counsellor for NSW Communities and Justice Department. She works with historical and acute cases of sexual abuse and will ensure agency collaboration occurs to assist you. Kathleen has developed other areas of expertise in mental health interventions other than Victims of Crime. One primary area is working with individuals wanting to change their life for improved wellbeing. Another is helping individuals, and their families, when experiencing life in dysfunction. Assistance comes from a family systems approach using pro-active interventions to create safer families.

Holding full registration with the Australian Psychology Registration Board and as a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, Kathleen can assure continued professional standing in her qualifications. Police working with children checks and relevant insurances are all current. Kathleen received an Australian Psychological Society Award for her efforts in research with children and a Newcastle Volunteers Award for her dedication to working with Victims of Crime. Kathleen will give the same commitment when assisting you.