Couple and Family Counselling

Couple and Family Counselling 2020-05-08T05:05:09+00:00

Couples go through many stages in their relationship. When you are ready to take your relationship to a more serious level, create a place for commitment and to begin a healthy and long lasting relationship, couple counselling can set the tone of the relationship, create a plan for you to move forward or deal with those often frustrating stumbling blocks in the initial stages of a relationship.

Throughout a relationship, individual and couple life span changes occur. Navigating these changes can be difficult, having a safe place to re-negotiate or re-ignite a relationship can be helpful. Learning new ways to communicate and create a loving open and friendly relationship can bring individual, couple and family harmony.

For many and often complex reasons relationships breakdown. Navigating the ending of a relationship can be a highly stressful time for individuals, families and extended families. Co-parenting arrangements are often difficult to manage. A Co-Parenting Plan, where each parent is actively involved in the child rearing responsibilities, can save years of heartache, ensure the normal development of any children from the relationship and reduce legal and court fees. Counselling can assist in creating Co-Parenting Plans that work for all of the family members across the parenting period and well into sharing relationships with adult children.

Blended families are complex. Navigating the stages of development in blended families takes patience, love and commitment. Learning what to expect, normal behaviours from step children and natural children during the various stages of blended families will help deal with the often highly emotional relationships between the blended family members.