Fees and Rebates

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During the COVID-19 period until further notice all sessions are conducted as Virtual Sessions through secure services to your home computer or device for your health and safety. I have closed books for child-clients under this model. However, adult services under Medicare or Victims Services are welcome. The platform allows you to stay in your secure environment while accessing quality mental health care.

Interventions and Solution Focused Therapies

Generally a focused psychological treatment plan is conducted within six sessions. During the initial session your goals and needs are discussed with a view to creating a clear plan for intervention.

A session is considered a 50 minute hour with fees set at $170 per session payable on the day. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first session. To respect your time Kathleen attempts to run on time every session.

Medicare rebates are available and are processed in the office at the time of payment. However to claim a rebate you will require a doctor’s referral for focused psychological treatments of mental health conditions.

Medicare Focused Psychological Interventions

Medicare focused psychological interventions are available for diagnosed mental health conditions when a referral is obtained from your General Practioner (GP).

Kathleen is a generalist psychologist who is able to conduct approved focused psychological interventions for those suffering the symptoms of a range of mental health and personality disorders.

Payment is made on the day of your session with a Medicare rebate of approximately $85 on your $170 per session fee. Rebates are processed in the office at the time of payment.

Private Health Fund Rebates

Your Health Fund may also allow a rebate depending on your level of cover and the Health Fund you are under.

Couple and family counselling

Sessions are $200 per 50 minute session with an average of six sessions conducted dependent on the couple or family issue.

Individual or couples can pay the private fee rate per session as required.

Organisational Training and Assessments

Training, presentation development and travel are $170 per hour.

Psychometric testing and reporting fees on application, dependent upon level of detail.

NGO and Corporate

Fees on application.


Please note there is a cancellation policy with a 24 hour notice of change required so that the hour can be allocated to another client if you can’t make that day or time.