Victims of Crime and Family and Community Services

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Victims of Crime

The Attorney General’s Office offers free counselling to those who have suffered psychological injury as a victim of crime from qualified Victims Counsellors. For information and to find out if you are eligible for victims counselling go to Victims Services web site at

Kathleen is a Victims Services Counsellor contracted to the Attorney Generals Office to provide psychological assistance to those that have experienced harm from historical or recent crime event or for family members of a homicide. She can assist children, adolescents and adult victims of crime. 

You can nominate her as your choice of psychologist on your application for the free 22 sessions.  The application form can be filled out on line by following the links to the form at You can also phone Victims Services on 1800 633 063.

Family and Community Services

Kathleen is an External Provider for Psychological Services for Family and Community Services (FaCs). The external provider role is incorporated into her private practice through referrals from FaCs to provide psychological assessments and/or treatment services or therapeutic interventions that. include: clinical, mental health/psychologist services; Assessment or treatment for psychological issues; Behavioural assessment, behavioural management and interventions; Educational or development psychological services and Forensic psychological services. Kathleen treats young children, adolescents and families with full criteria met under the FaCs guidelines.